Une meeles

Maarja Nuut’s album 'UNE MEELES (In the Hold of a Dream)' explores the boundary between reality and dreams. “For me, music and the images and stories hidden in it offer an opportunity to travel from one reality to another, visit a place where everything is possible,” she explains. 

“I clearly remember the times when I’ve had lucid dreams. It is an experience where the reality and imagination get mixed up and you can choose where, how and in which direction you move. You are away but very much present at the same time.”
On the new album some of the 12 songs contain variations on motifs
first explored on Maarja’s debut album. “Perhaps the strongest common denominator between my music and traditional music is that the axis remains but everything around it has to adapt and change to survive and remain current,” she comments.

More thoughts on different realities and layers from Maarja:
“Hues. We are constantly surrounded by an immense amount of information and we need to organise it somehow in our heads. We feel that time is limited. Maybe that is why humanity is using ever more simplified thought patterns which results in a reduction of dialogue in every sense of the word. Any other kind of truth as if annoys us. How to learn to notice the wider picture without losing touch with the details and nuances? When I’m making music, I imagine that I’m moving around in the different rooms of a house. Sometimes it is small room filled with knickknacks, sometimes it is a wide hall with a high ceiling. I never judge, only observe and when I step out of it, I have a story in my hands. It is different every single time. Even though recording is like pinning something down, I tried to evoke the same feeling with my album. I hope that I managed to create enough room for the listener’s own interpretations and stories.”

'UNE MEELES' was recorded in Tallinn in the summer of 2015 and was released internationally on June 3, 2016.

1. kargus
2. hobusemäng
3. sammud
4. õdangule
5. kellatoas
6. kiik tahab kindaid (feat. patrick mcginley)
7. siidisulis linnukene
8. eeva & maarja labajalg (feat. eeva talsi)
9. valss
10. jaa-ti-daa
11. kuradipolka
12. vaga linnuken